Retire To Brazil – A Truly Embracing Culture

If you want to retire to Brazil, first consider what living here will be like. One of the first things that you will experience when you arrive here is a sense of happiness. Everywhere you look people are smiling, happily greeting each other with warm hugs and kisses. This is the true culture of much of this country. While some of the more modern cities such as Sao Paulo are becoming more westernized in terms of busy lifestyles and hectic days, most of the country is more relaxed. Rushing from place to place isn’t as much as a concern as spending the time enjoying life. It makes for a welcoming way to spend your retirement.

What will you do when you retire to Brazil? This depends on where you will live! If you plan to live near Rio de Janeiro or other beach towns, chances are you will spend quite a bit of your time relaxing on the beaches and enjoying swimming, fishing, boating, and pretty much any water sport that you can imagine. Many people find the time to snorkel, water ski and just sunbathe to be a welcoming retreat for the hectic lives they have lived previously.

If Beach Culture Isn’t For You

Though the beach sounds oh so tempting, if beach culture doesn’t suit you there is also plenty to do in the interior of the country.

For many, small communities and even villages are the places to retire to because they better suit their desired retirement lifestyles. In these locations, days are spent with friends. Depending where you live this may mean talking with other expats in your community or spending your days with local Brazilians. An afternoon lunch with friends, a game of cards in the evening, good drinks and lots of laughs are common.
When you retire to Brazil, you will find all the comforts of more modernized countries available. This includes internet access and all the cable TV you could ask for. Yet, if you do plan on choosing Brazil as a retirement option it’s important to realize and appreciate that the country has much more to offer than simply providing you with these basic western amenities. People here spend much more time together, with family and friends, enjoying each other to the fullest, so if community and friendship are values that you cherish this could be the ideal spot for your retirement.

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