Why You Should Retire to Spain

When you retire to Spain, there is so much to offer retirees in the country, a better question for you to ask may be why NOT to retire here – the list would be shorter! Overall, you’ll find Spain to be an incredibly friendly, pleasant country with a relaxed nature, a conservative culture, and an accommodating attitude.

According to the World Health Organization, Spain is “almost as perfect an environment as possible to obtain”. This includes the weather as well.

malaga, spain
Arial View of a Bullfighting Arena in Malaga, along the Spanish Coast

For those who need to maintain close access to their homeland ties, flights to and from Spain are not expensive, and you can retire to Spain without worrying about the cost of travel or losing touch with friends and family. There are also a number of airports that are serviced by international flyers from the U.S., so you will never be at a shortage of available transportation.
In terms of weather, Spain makes a nice retirement home because it has a temperate and mild climate. If you choose to move to the southern portion of Spain along the Mediterranean particularly, the summers are very warm and winters are mild, making it perfect for retirement, especially if you suffer from arthritis or other aches and pains. Colder, wetter climates can irritate stiff joints, but the Spanish coastline is dry, benefiting from more than 300 days of sunshine each year.
When you retire to Spain, you’ll notice that Spaniards take pride in high quality. Therefore, your lifestyle will be of the highest standards, including excellence in public services, cleanliness of public and private properties, and a healthy lifestyle overall. In addition, your daily life can be extremely inexpensive, with fresh grown vegetables and fruits priced to buy and some of the most amazing wine straight from the local vineyards. You can look forward to some of the best restaurants in the world for reasonable prices as well – a 3-course meal for two is often under $40.

Transportation is incredibly inexpensive, and you can travel throughout Spain and the rest of Europe for a small price, allowing you even greater enjoyment of your retirement. There are a number of attractions throughout the country that you’ll want to see and things to do, so you’ll never be bored here.
With excellent standards in environmental issues, new roads and superb public transportation, and ease of travel from one country to another, you can retire in Spain and feel perfectly comfortable for the rest of your life!

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