The Social Security Retirement Estimator

A retirement estimator is a very handy tool when planning your retirement. This is synonymous with retirement calculator. You’ll find a handful of retirement calculators online that will help you plan for your retirement and prepare you ahead for it.

The Social Security Retirement calculator or estimator is geared towards arriving at an approximate calculation of how much you will receive from your Social Security when you retire.

Knowing how much to expect from your Social Security is very important since you cannot solely rely on your Social Security when you retire.

The United States Social Security has an online retirement estimator that approximates how much you will receive from your Social Security during retirement and the calculation is based upon your actual record of Social Security earnings. This tool is property of the US Social Security. It does not guarantee 100% accuracy. The results may vary from the actual amount you will be receiving in the future. The results are a function of your social security earnings which change and your records will be updated accordingly. The amount you receive in the future will also vary depending on the inflation rate at that time.

If you have enough Social Security credits you can use the Social Security retirement estimator. If you do not have enough Social Security credits yet you will not be able to qualify for your Social Security benefits so you will not be able to use the retirement estimator. You will also be unable to use the estimator if you are currently receiving benefits already on your record.

The Social Security Retirement estimator requires you to enter your personal information. Unless you do so, you are not permitted to use the estimator. Without your personal information, it cannot access your records from which it bases its calculations.

This particular estimator operates under a time limit. It gives you 30 minutes to complete each page that you need to fill up. Also, if a page remains idle for 25 minutes, the system will automatically log you off. These are security measures to make sure that no one gets access to your personal records.

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