What to Expect from a Retirement Home in Spain

When it comes to planning for a move to a retirement home in Spain, it may be of the utmost importance that you start looking for the place you want to live right away. More and more Americans and Brits alike are opting to retire abroad, and because Spain has so much to offer retirees, you’ll find that you are just one of thousands of people vying for a home overseas here. That means that, not only will there be a lack of property available to you, but it will also be a lot more expensive in the future due to demand for retirement homes.

While homes built for the purpose of retirement are a recent concept in Europe that has been derived from an American tradition, you can now easily find a fantastic retirement home in Spain that provides you with a perfect environment to live. For example, there are several communities on the Costa de Almeria that have been converted to senior-only retirement villages, requiring residents to be over 50 years old. These communities won’t be like so many of the tourist areas, where teenagers are partying through the night. Instead, you’ll have a relaxed home in which you can decorate to your liking and attend social events within a community of other retirees like yourself.

A Spainish retirement home will typically have separate homes arranged around facilities and amenities that include sporting facilities (tennis courts, swimming pools, etc), health care and welfare services, and top security. Detailed research into the various options now available will help you determine which facilities will have all that you need and which will be the most similar in nature to an American retirement home. After all, while these are all modeled after the American idea, Spain is still a foreign country, and the culture of Europe does differ from that of North America.

Spanish Retirement Home Pricing

You can expect your retirement home with two bedrooms in the northern part of the country to be purchases for a reasonable price, usually around $95,000, while a more superior villa can reach amounts close to $2 million. The cost of living in the Costa del Sol region carries a minimal up charge for a home in the Alpujarras Mountains at around $110,000 (for 2 bedrooms) to well over $2.2 million for a 5-bedroom home in Marbella. Therefore, you will definitely want to consider your budget and look around carefully before settling on the perfect retirement home in Spain for your needs.

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