Living a Simple Retirement Life

Could a simple retirement really be what most people are after?

Many of us dream of living rich when we retire. Living lavishly for at least once in your life is a dream we all want to happen. If we are used to a modest lifestyle everyday, we would crave something that we have never experienced before.

Yet, a luxurious life is not simply handed down to us when we retire. It is basically beyond our means if we receive an average income. We can retire rich but not without effort.

Yet, retiring rich is not the key to have a comfortable retirement.

We can live a simple retirement life and still live very comfortably and happy – after all, isn’t this the goal?

Retiring simply does not necessarily mean that you are going to live the life of a pauper. A simple life is living within your means and being comfortable at the same time. Saving up every penny you can get out of your income can be stressful. While it is helpful in reaching your target, you do not have to slave away in order to reach the lofty dream of wealthy retirement.

The following are some ways you can live a simple retirement life and maximize your retirement income:

Simple Retirement - the RV Lifestyle

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  • Housing often eats a large chunk of our retirement money. You pay property tax or rentals if you do not own a home. You could actually do away with that. If you have a house you can sell it and get over paying tax and you can get an RV. There are actually a lot of cheap RVs in the market. You would still have cash left to go into your retirement savings.
  • Get rid of unnecessary items, appliances and furniture. We have almost every imaginable gadget there is. Unfortunately, we do not need every one of these, especially when we retire.

    You can start with small items such as the clothes you will not be wearing anymore by selling them in a garage sale or on eBay. Then you could downsize your home and sell the appliances and furniture that are not needed in your everyday life.

  • Oftentimes we enjoy eating out a lot or ordering in. While those can be pretty convenient, they can be quite costly as well. It is cheaper to make you own food. You can maximize your use of coupons when getting your supplies. It would also help if you go on single trips to the store to save on gas as well.
  • Make use of deals and discounts when getting subscriptions on your utilities. There are even discounts available to retired citizens.

By doing the aforementioned, you are actually living a simple retirement life. With it you will accumulate additional savings. Make sure to practice discipline in handling your finances. Just because you have saved enough for a trip to Hawaii does not mean you have to book the first flight out of town immediately.

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