Will Spain Culture Let Me Retire Comfortably?

Is Spain culture a concern for you while you’re deciding on settling into a Spanish villa for your retirement home? You may be concerned with fitting in and adjusting to the way of life that is prominent in the country. What can you expect from the Spanish people, and what are the difficulties involved in the change of culture?

Well, the Good News is….

Out of all the countries in Europe, Spain is probably the most welcoming to foreigners moving in. The slow and relaxed lifestyle is perfect for retirees.

In fact, there are only a few things to look at when making your adjustment: pace of living, adjusted timing schedule, and the religious factor. None of these, however, should greatly affect your decision to move to Spain.

When it comes to Spain culture, the country is like the rest of Europe in one way the entire daily schedule begins much later than it typically would in the United States. You won’t find Spanish citizens clamoring to get up at six in the morning to go to work. Don’t be surprised to see a number of shops not open until after lunch.

Focusing on Food

Breakfast is often served at cafes until around two or three in the afternoon, after which they will close until dinner (yes, the siesta really does exist!). Dinner won’t begin until after dark, with the actual meal being served after cocktails and conversation. The main course will be served at the table somewhere between 9 and 10pm.

Spain culture also dictates late nights, with the country really coming to life after dinner. This may throw off the schedule you are used to at first, but it won’t take you long to adjust. Be prepared to take back your youth with the nightlife that Spain has to offer!

Take your Time in Spain

Because of the slower pace, you’ll find yourself able to relax and go about your business. The community will be warm and welcoming to you and do everything they can to assist you in your change of pace and lifestyle. They will also never rush you or be impatient; it’s simply not in their nature, and that attitude will rub off on you.

One final consideration in adjusting to Spain culture is that the country tends to be very religious in nature. The Catholic Church is very strong in Spain and is also closely linked with government.

While there are other religions that are practiced in Spain, and no one will persecute you for not being Catholic; you should be aware of the strong faith of the country and the way that Christian Catholic holidays affect the running of businesses. In fact, you’ll find that in observance of many holidays, there will be no businesses open like there are in the United States. This is perhaps the biggest adjustment you will need to remember when moving into Spain culture.

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