Thailand Apartments: What Are They Like?

Thailand apartments, whether visiting or relocating, are likely to be the most common housing option available to you when it comes to where to stay. There are a range of options available throughout most of Thailand’s tourism based cities. You will also find opportunities in larger cities for apartment style living.

Service Apartments That Provide Hotel Style Cleaning Services

One of the first things to realize about using these facilities is the timeline of your need. For example, in European countries, an apartment is similar to what someone from the US would call a hotel room.

In Thailand the hotel style apartments are known as service apartments. Serviced apartments are usually advertised as such and will provide you with regular cleaning services much like a hotel would. These are more costly but if you plan on hiring a maid anyway, then this option may be perfect for you because the maid service will be automatically provided for you. Apartments can be rented for various lengths of time, even short stays. The easiest places to find nice apartments are in the more touristy parts of the country.
In terms of what the Thailand apartments are actually like, this depends on your location as well as your budget. The more western features you want and seek in the apartment, the more expensive the costs will be (though they are often still priced much lower than some of the larger cities in the world.) It’s highly recommended that you always visit and see the accommodations in person before agreeing to a price for them.

If you’re only staying in the apartment for a very short time to look for other more permanent accommodation it may be ok to book the apartment without seeing it first, but in this situation a regular hotel may be just as good.

What To Expect in Typical Thailand Apartments

Most apartments will feature a smaller sized kitchen that may be about half the size of a western style kitchen, with one or two bedrooms (depending on your selection) as well as a bathroom and dining area. A living area should be available as well. Bathrooms in a moderately priced location will feature a sit down toilet, a shower and a sink. Most apartments that are modernized will provide you with air conditioning.
You can easily secure apartments here that are fully furnished, which will cost more but will allow you to enjoy the Thai style a bit easier. We personally really like this option because I do not need to worry about bringing our own furniture, and if we decide later to change our location, moving is relatively easy. This style of apartment living is completely different than in North America. You may need to buy a few small appliances like a coffee maker, but almost everything else will already be provided for you.
It is important to realize that in Thailand, apartments, condominiums and homes are available to be sold to foreigners, but you can not own the land that the property is on. Still, leasing your facilities will be less expensive and will still provide you with what you are looking for.
For more information about generalized housing costs please see the Cost of Living in Thailand article.

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