Escape the Cold In The Thailand Climate

If you live in the northern portions of the United States, the Thailand climate is sure to provide you with the warmth you are craving. In general, the climate is warm but comfortable. Temperatures are normally hot during their summer months, though there are also some times of the year that are less desirable. For example, the rainy season is their version of winter. Although it rains consistently then, it can still be comfortable to live in.

In general, the months of March, April and May are the hot season. During this time, you are likely to see little rain.

In June, July, August and October, you will experience the rainy season, which is described more below. During this season, expect dry weeks and weeks where you will see torrential rains that last for several hours. It varies greatly. In the months of November, December, January and February, you will see improved weather, and perhaps the best time of the year to visit. The weather at this time is mild and comfortable.
The rainy season can put a damper on your plans, but it is very sporadic and difficult to predict. For example, you could have a bit of rain every day.

On the other hand, you may not have any rain for a week or more at a time. This may mean that the downpour will happen while you are touring the city. It may also mean that you will need to plan outdoor activities around the rain and stop activities when they become too dangerous in the rain that seems to come out of nowhere!
This type of rainy season is often plagued with monsoons, which are torrential rains that last for several hours at a time. Yet, in recent years, there has been a lot of focus on Thailand in terms of this monsoon type weather. The floods that happened in 2005 were rare occurrences. Many scientists believe these only happen once every 30 to 40 years.
There are some good things about the rainy season. For example, the streets are less crowded as fewer tourists are about. You also will find that some activities are better with the increased rains such as river traveling and white water rafting.
In terms of temperature, the climate of Thailand will range from 19° C to 38 ° C (66° F to100° F). The Thailand climate is enjoyable nearly all year round, even during the rainy season.

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