Thailand Food’s Unique Flavor Sets Its Own Bar

Thailand food is an adventure of its own.When in Thailand, eat Thai cuisine.The country has a lot of flavor and texture and there is no shortage of good food available to you.It is highly recommended that you spend some time sampling the native foods of Thailand as you may be surprised at just how flavorful and well-rounded it is.

There are five basic flavors that are commonly seen and balanced in each dish or meal you will eat.These include a hot or spicy element, a sour element, a sweet element, a salty element and a bitter element.The bitter portion is not always included.

Many of your meals will include dishes that represent each of these specific tastes very well.
The type of Thai cuisine that you eat is unique to the region of the country that you are in.In the Southern regions of the country, you will find a lot of curries, coconut milk and turmeric used in dishes.When you look to the Northeast, you will find dishes that often include some form of lime in them, usually lime juice.In some regions, especially cultural melting pots like Bangkok, you will find a range of unique cuisine include some that is inspired by neighboring countries such as from China, Malaysia or even India.

Spicy Thai Salad Photo

One thing to note about meals as you consume them is the unique taste of the spices.When compared to the average American meal, the difference in spices comes from the fact that Thai cuisine includes a lot of fresh herbs or spices rather than dried products that are used in the US and in most western cultures.
What will you eat when you visit?

Our Thai Experience:

One of the things we especially loved about Thailand was the availability of very fresh and clean food available on the street.The idea of ‘street food’ may turn you off, but it’s actually really good, especially when it’s prepared so freshly.The street vendors wore disposable plastic gloves to make sure their hands weren’t touching the food, and were always cleaning their cutting tools. They had lots of fresh fruit like pineapple and papaya as well as fresh coconut milk – it was fantastic!

For breakfast, Thailand food choices may be Jok, which is rice porridge.It is not the most flavorful and may even be considered rather bland, but it the most common breakfast in Thailand for natives.You may also have a rice soup sometimes with pork added called Khao Tom.
For other meals, you may have Khao Pad.This is a rice dish, similar to fried rice that will have chicken, pork, beef or shrimp in it or you may find it as a vegetarian option as well.Sometimes, crab is added or coconut.Pad Thai is another very common dish which includes rice noodles which are pan fried with a salty fish sauce added.Then, sugar, tamarind pulp, lime juice and peanuts are added.Finally, egg is added along with tofu, seafood or sometimes chicken.
Dishes include a wide range of foods.Deserts often include Kao Niao Ma Muang which is a ripe mango and sticky rice dish.Most meals will include rice in some form, vegetables, and some meats as well as in-season fruits.

Thai cuisine is not necessary spicy in terms of spicy hot.Rather, it is filled with flavor.Traditional Thailand foods do not compare to most to go boxes you’ll find in the States, though – they are so much better!

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