Finding Great Places Where to Retire Cheap Overseas and get More than your Money’s Worth

If you’re looking where to retire cheap this list of great retirement places will kickstart your journey for finding the best place to live. The key to these places is that they are all extremely affordable.
When deciding where to travel you have to be wise in handling your retirement income. Out of so many retirement places in the world there are several places where you can retire cheap. When you retire in a place like the ones on this list you can maximize your retirement income and still live the kind of life you have been dreaming of for your retirement.

The following list of great retirement places are where you can retire cheap.

Great Retirement Places

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Amazing Argentina:
From what I’ve read and heard from people who have lived here
Buenos Aires is an amazing place and makes the top of the where to retire cheap list!

Down in South America is Buenos Aires, Argentina which is emerging as a great tourist destination. The price of food, goods and commodities are very low which would make your retirement money go far when retiring here. The place is relatively peaceful. You can find short-term and long-term rental housing here at low costs. Moreover, the culture may be entirely new but the lifestyle is quite similar to that in the US minus the stress. There are lot of shops and restaurants you can truly enjoy.If you’re looking where to retire cheap, Buenos Aires may be the place for you.

Calitri, Italy

If you’re wondering where to retire cheap in Europe, Italy might be the answer for you! The city of Calitri in Italy is a great place to retire to as it offers very low cost of acquiring property that is in its unrestored state. You can get your very own apartment for only 15,000 USD. This place has lush fields and forests all around. Healthcare here is free when you become a European citizen. Here you will taste delicious cooking, savoury wine and a comfortable life.

Capetown, South Africa

South Africa is one of the great places to retire, where your money will go a very long way. The high value of the US Dollars here allows you to live large even with an average retirement income. The cost of property rental here ranges from only 300 to 700 USD and the market is rapidly expanding.

Cebu, Philippines

At only 380 USD you can rent a 6-bedroom place in Cebu. This is the oldest city in the Philippines. Here you will get to experience the Filipino hospitality for which the country is known. There are a lot of golf courses and wonderful beaches to enjoy. The weather is warm and sunny and typical of a tropical island. You can have all the entertainment you want at a very low cost. This makes the top of the list for asian destinations on this list of great retirement places.

Coronado, Panama

This place is a great find for retirees, especially those who are looking where to retire cheap. The culture here is very friendly to the elderly with peaceful neighbourhoods. The climate is great, and the cost of living is very low with property that can be bought for as low as 185,000 USD. Moreover, Panama does not tax you for foreign-earned income. This place has a rural feel, yet it offers a lot of recreational activities that will make your time here very worthwhile.

Cuenca, Ecuador

This place offers one of the lowest costs of living at only 1,415 USD per month. Your money goes a very long way here. It provides a luxurious apartment rental with a housekeeping service, your basic needs and utilities and entertainment and health care needs for two to boot! This place is filled with beautiful sights to see with lush greeneries and flowers and rivers, all the more reason for you to retire here.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Your retirement money would go a very long way here in Thailand. Renting a place to stay will cost you only 90 to 300 USD per month. Because the US dollar has a high value here, you would be able to afford to have a luxurious lifestyle even with an average retirement income. Koh Samui is one of the places in Thailand where you can enjoy beaches with crystal clear waters and a great climate. Golf courses also abound. I’ve been to Thailand and highly recommend you visit here while you are looking where to retire cheap.

Merida, Mexico

If you want to retire at very low cost abroad and still get to travel to the US conveniently then Merida, Mexico is just the place to go. Here, you can enjoy a lot of entertainment activities for free. Quality healthcare is also inexpensive. You can stay in shape and have fun here with its flat terrain and lovely beaches. Moreover, there are great historical sights to see.

Montevideo, Uruguay

If you want to get away from the urban world and stretch your retirement money, escaping to Uruguay is a great option for where to retire cheap. The people here are friendly and the scenery is breathtaking. Montevideo resembles an old European city. In spite of the fact that the place is far from being urbanized, there are a lot of great restaurants and shops to visit.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Up in the North, Canada has a very beautiful and relatively inexpensive place where you can retire. You can have your very own waterfront home for as low as 50,000 USD. Transition to retirement life here is quite easy with the local people being very friendly. Moreover, the cost of living is low. You can last the whole year here for less than 25,000 USD. While not as cheap as some of the other places on this list if you’re looking where to retire cheap in North America you should check this out.

San Jose, Costa Rica

One of the reasons Costa Rica ranks high in the cheapest place to retire is the fact that acquisition of real estate property here is low and it does not collect taxes from your retirement income. San Jose is one of the best places to retire in Costa Rica with its warm and sunny weather and beautiful scenery. You could live here at only 1,500 per month on your basic needs and utilities combined.

Vienna, Austria

Austria is the cheapest place to retire in Europe. This place is one great pace to retire to as you get to have the feel of nature close to you. The weather is cold yet romantic and you get to enjoy recreational activities right in the Alps such as skiing or just plain walking. Lifestyle here is very laid back and perfect for those who want to get away from the urban lifestyle during their retirement.

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