What to Expect from Australia Housing

Securing Australia housing may be one of your biggest priorities as you plan for your retirement down under. Part of this process includes understanding what you can expect from the housing market and the various options throughout the country. How large are houses, what are the costs, and what type of communities there are available for retirees on this continent?

First, let’s talk about the size and type of houses that you’ll find here. The housing market in Australia is just as diverse as the options in the United States.

You can find grand ranch homes in the Outback, or discover quaint cottages in small villages.

You can look at posh apartments and condos in the city, or family homes in the suburbs. Like the United States, Australia has started to invest into the special needs of many senior citizens and retirees. It has provided the answer to especially active retirees through retirement communities.


Australia retirement housing is set up in tight-knit neighborhoods and offers camaraderie with other individuals that are active like you. They may also have similar needs that make them want to be in a place where they can find and achieve help if and when it is needed. In these communities, there is often a central place for socialization, such as a community center, where activities and special events are held. Many such Australia housing communities also have a fitness center, swimming pools, tennis courts, and other amenities. Stay fit and enjoy the walking/jogging/biking track that usually paves a circuit through the community as well.

In this sort of community, special services are offered such as laundry, cleaning, and more. Usually, this is at an extra charge but some housing communities include these services in the standard contract for homeowners’ fees.

If you choose to live outside a retirement community, you’ll want to find an area that is convenient to supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, and other locations that are important to you. The prices of the houses are based on size, location, age, and demand. You’ll find that living in an urban area is typically more expensive than living in a suburb or rural area. It is suggested to start small and inexpensive, or even better yet just rent a house or apartment in Australia for a year or two before making any decisions about buying a house. Perhaps just a small two-bedroom home in a suburban community around 45 miles from the coast. Make sure to give yourself enough time to adjust and make sure you’ve made the right decision in moving to Australia before committing to a large mortgage.

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