Retire in France and Discover the France Culture

The France culture is made up of a long and winding history that led to the nation that we recognize today. The amazing culture of France leaves the rest of the world wanting to experience a bit of what the French people enjoy on a daily basis.

From the world class French cuisine and language to beautiful tourist attractions and fashion, we have to experience a bit of this exquisite culture at least once in our lives. This is why many people consider retiring to France.

France so much to offer us and we just have to fly across the ocean in order to experience it.

The people of France have always been known to be a friendly group. They pride themselves for being passionate about numerous causes. They are also known for their romance. Though times have changed, they still carry these values with them. This is something you can discover for yourself when you retire in France.


When you arrive in France, you will discover that French is not the only language spoken here. This is to be expected given that France is melting pot of different cultures in its history. There are actually over 75 regional dialects spoken in France, of which Catalan comes second to the French language.

French Religion

Another important part of France culture is that the majority of people are Christians. There are several nationally recognized holidays devoted each year to Christian holidays and these includes the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on August 15, Christmas day and the 2nd day of Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Easter Monday, Ascension and Pentecost. However, other religions are practiced in France as well so whatever your religion is, you will have no problem practicing your faith when you retire in France.

France and the Arts!

France CultureOne of the many reasons why people just want to go to France is its contribution to the Arts. A lot of notable artists come from France and you will find many great works at the Louvre Museum. French culture is rich in the arts that will help you enjoy your retirement in France.

France culture is very much notable in the architecture as well. There are so many tourist spots in France where one can appreciate the wonderful architecture. Among them are the Palace of Versailles and the famous Eiffel Tower. The villas and chateaus in regional areas of France demonstrate architectural designs that scream of France culture.

Wherever you go on the France, there is a piece of their culture that is embedded. Whether it is the people, food or architecture, you would see how distinctly French it is. These are things you only get to experience when you retire in France.

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